Much has been talked about the new Windows 8 regarding the technology; there are still some things that are left, for example the multi-monitor support. Majority of users might be unaware about the tips and tricks that will enhance their experience with this new version of Windows. There are various things that you can do with multi-monitor display like, editing documents, browsing, chatting and e-mailing all at the same time. Let us find out what more is there to know about Windows8.

Edge Detection Technology

The earlier version of Windows was not fully capable of edge detection technology. The newer version is something that is more advance in features and in terms of edge detection. This technology is fully capacitated and the view is much clearer, a user will be easily able to make out the thumbnails of the applications that are running currently on the system.

You can easily locate Charms bar with a mouse over, all you need to do is to go to the icon located on the left hand side corner of the display and the Charms Bar will appear.

Now you will be able to activate the effects and view the edge detection. Another thing to keep in mind is that the area near the edge is narrow and you would require mouse precision to let the effect appear. It might take a while for you to exactly reveal the affect while mastering the art of mouse maneuver for the edges to appear.

Ability to Customize the Taskbar

With new Windows 8, you will be easily able to view different task bars on separate monitors. Now you need to do is to make a replica of the icons that are already displayed on the default task bar. This can be done by right mouse click on the task bar and select properties. This way you can choose to replicate the desired icons for quick shortcut on multiple screen displays and save time consumed in going back to the primary screen for surfing.

Utilizing New Keyboard Shortcuts

There are new keyboard shortcuts that you can utilize in Windows 8. These shortcuts are specially added in the new version of Windows. You can utilize the following:

• Page Up: Win+PageUp
• Page Down: Win+ PageDn
• To move from one side to another: Win+ Arrow keys

Using these new short cuts will enable in swapping through the screens easily and enable in smooth navigation.

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