We are at a time when we are more connected than ever, and the smartphone has an increasingly important role in people’s daily lives. We see how the buying behavior has changed, giving rise to new trends such as webrooming and forcing brands to adapt to try to generate a more significant impact on their target audience, which leads to digital marketing news that does not stop evolving. When we talk about webrooming, we refer to all the actions carried out by users on the website or digital media of the brand about the products they want and then acquire them in the physical store.

What Is Webrooming?

This is a concept very similar to the term we know as ROPO (“research online, purchase offline” or “research online, buy offline”). It is widespread to search previous information about a specific product that we want to acquire, and then finalize the purchase in the physical establishment. In this way, when doing webrooming, users look at the products on the brand’s website and review all available information about them, such as descriptions, prices, comments and ratings of other users, etc., which will lead them to make the purchase decision, which they then perform offline. They enjoy the traditional shopping experience, where they receive a personal treatment, can see the products and try them, and avoid paying shipping costs.

We should not confuse webrooming with showrooming, since the latter refers to the opposite process. A user who does showrooming is the one who goes first to the brand’s store, searches for or tests the products, and then purchases the Internet.

How To Take Advantage Of It To Boost The Business

This new way of shopping affects digital marketing, which must be adapted to the circumstances to encourage the acquisition by consumers. We must not forget that the information of the products is searched on the web, so it will be essential to have a website optimized for mobile devices, a good https://minimicegroup.com/en/seo/ positioning strategy to appear in the top positions of organic searches and create different types of SEM actions for users to find the brand’s products.

Also, taking into account that user reviews are critical when it comes to influencing the purchase decisions of others, why not include them on the web? Having a section on the page, which offers the opinions that customers who have tried the products have, can make a difference when making the purchase decision.

The service to the customer is also essential, both online and offline. Special attention must be paid to offer an impeccable and unified service so that users can enjoy the best brand experience.

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