If you want to play the pkv games on the official website, then read this complete article. It will guide you through the steps you are required to follow so that you can play the latest and trending games.

Play the pkv games

The most popular type of pkv games is the card game. The card games consist of 11 different types. Each type is divided according to the level of a player on the website and the expertise of the player.

Whenever you deposit any amount on the pkv official website, then there is a turnover of 0.5%. You can also earn a referral bonus for referring your friends and family members to play games on the pkv website.

The website supports most of the official banks which are why you can be a member of the websites without the need of worrying twice. You can deposit and withdraw money using the bank and the website. For this, you will first have to create an account.

Create an account on pkv website

You do not need to have multiple accounts to play pkv games on the pkv website. A single account goes well with the website. To create an account, you will need to have certain information about yourself handy.

Click on create an account button on the website. The link will be opened in a new tab. A form will be displayed on the screen. You are now supposed to enter all your details like your name, date of birth, and bank details.

Date of birth is required as you can only register for the official pkv website if you are above 18 years. This is mandatory as it involves financial transactions. If you are not above 18 and register to the website, then serious action might be taken against you.

Play Games

Pkv is one of the most famous card-playing online pkv games servers in Indonesia. Even though the headquarters are in Indonesia, it caters to the needs of players from all over the world. You can register and play games on the website, even if you are not a local in Indonesia.

It is a type of poker gambling game. In the poker card game, you are supposed to act like poker and not show any emotions as the card are shuffled and distributed from one player to the other.

You are supposed to maintain the poker face throughout the game and implement your strategies alongside. As you complete the card game, the winner is the one who wins the maximum number of rounds throughout the card game.


As we have come to the end of this article, let us summarize what we have read. We have read about the games and the registration process on the official pkv website. We have also read about the pkv games and the subcategories which are based upon the pkv games level and the skill set of the players.

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