AirPrint is a technology that enables in taking wireless printouts from your Apple device from anywhere. The only thing that you need to remember is that you should have a printer that is AirPrint compatible.

The reason why this technology is fast catching up is because it is not always possible to be close to printer for taking printouts. Another thing is the availability of desktop, also if you are in urgent need to print a ticket or a schedule detail it is not always possible to find a printer. For all these reasons, it becomes essential to utilize the technology of wireless print. Find out by reading the article about setting up the AirPrint and using your Apple device to enable the functionality of taking printouts.

Printer compatibility

First and foremost you need to ensure if your printer is AirPrint compatible as this will make it easier to enable the functionality otherwise you would need to setup. For this go to Apple website and check out if, your printer is listed as one of the compatible devices with iOS.

If it is listed as compatible with iOS

If your printer is listed as compatible then it is easy for you to initiate the process. Just as you connect your Wi-Fi network connect your device; you need not go through any complicated set up.

Now you need to take a test print to check if the connection is established or not.

• Open Native Notes app
• Tap the Action button
• Choose Print

If in case, you are not able to locate your printer then

• Tap printer field to initiate scanning for the device
• Select when the printer name appears
• Hit Print to send your document or note to the printer for printing

However, you must remember that the speed of sending your print depends upon the network that you are using; It is dependent on the Wi-Fi network.

If your printer is not compatible

If the list of compatible devices on the Apple website does not lists your printer as AirPrint compatible then there is another way. There is a software that is exclusively available for Mac users called Fingerprint enables in connecting printer to your iOS device. This software enables in establishing connection to the iOS device for AirPrint. In simpler words, this software tricks the system into recognizing the printer as AirPrint compatible and thus the connection to your iOS device is established.

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