In the digital age we live in, it is easy for our personal information to be accessed and displayed for the whole world to see. This information can harm your reputation and affect your job searching opportunities. One of the sources which reveals your personal information is Google Search Results. You can’t even realize how many copies of your personal data are circulating in the digital world. The good news is that you can clean up your digital footprint and make sure that your privacy isn’t being exposed. In this article, we will talk about how you can remove google search results and safeguard your personal information.

Search for Your Personal Information

The first step to clean up your digital footprint is to search for your personal information. We suggest searching for your full name and phone number in Google Search and seeing what comes up. If you notice something you don’t want to appear on the list of Google Search results, click on the link and figure out what options are available to remove the information. If the information belongs to someone else, you can contact the website owner and ask them to remove it.

Submit a Request to Google

Google gives you the ability to request that they remove the search result. If you are trying to remove a search result that violates your legal rights, like copyright violation or involves personal information that could cause harm, they will most likely remove it. You can submit a request to remove the search result by going to the Google Removals page. After submitting the request, Google will investigate if the search result violates your legal rights and then take action if necessary.

Create Positive Content

Another efficient way to clean up your digital footprint is to create positive content that will push down the unwanted search results. If you own a website, consider posting blog articles about subjects you are knowledgeable about. This will give your website more visibility which subsequently pushes down negative search results. Besides that, you can open your LinkedIn or Twitter profiles and start sharing your thoughts. If you want to go one step further and create videos that contain value, you can publish it to YouTube to increase your online presence with multimedia content.

Optimize Your Social Media Profiles

You can additionally clean up your digital footprint by optimizing the privacy settings of your social media profiles. Adjusting the settings to show and protect only the required information about yourself is an effective way to limit personal information and control what information Google Search Results can access. Moreover, only connect with people you know in real life rather than creating unnecessary networks. By cutting out unwanted connections, you will minimize the circulation of your data and increase online security.

Hire a Professional Service

The last resort to clean up your digital footprint is to hire a professional service. If the negative results show up at the top of the search result list, this may warrant the use of a professional service to put them down. Online reputation management companies specialize in cleaning up personal and online privacy issues. Though, ensure that you do your research and hire a reputable company to ensure you get your desired result.


In this article, we have discussed the steps involved in cleaning up your digital footprint by removing Google search results. By following these steps, you will be better equipped to control what information is displayed on Google search results, paving the way for your online privacy. Remember, cleaning up your digital footprint is an ongoing process, therefore, it is essential to regularly search for and monitor your online presence to keep your personal information private and secure.

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