It is not enough to understand what preventive driving is to start putting it into practice because this type of driving has some basic principles you must achieve. Defensive driving has essential elements that help to understand the importance of adopting such necessary precautions:


First, among the basics of defensive driving is knowledge. And this principle is nothing more than the domain of essential information for your security. This information is:

  • Be educated about traffic laws
  • Know the vehicle you are driving
  • Master the use of transport equipment
  • Recognize adverse track conditions
  • Understand climate and weather conditions

Heads up

Another essential principle of defensive driving is attention, example is attention to speed bumps such as speed bumps Fort Worth. It implies the driver’s permanent attention to the track and its conditions. That is, the driver must be constantly alert for possible elements that may interfere with his route. Attention is often also on what the driver does not see: the driver must be constantly aware of the possibility of someone being in his blind spot.


Then we have the forecast. This is nothing more than the ability to anticipate situations and prepare in advance to deal with risky situations. Knowing, for example, that it is necessary to double your attention when there are children playing ball on a street or cyclists in front of you who have not yet noticed the car.


In addition to foresight, driving skill and ability are essential elements of a defensive driving driver. It is the dexterity needed to drive the car correctly. In this way, the driver has the fundamental skills to perform maneuvers that guarantee their safety and that of others.


Finally, among the essential elements for defensive driving is also action. This skill refers to preparing the driver to perform the necessary maneuvers to avoid accident situations. Within this element is also the ability to avoid dangerous situations.

How To Start Practicing Defensive Driving?

Understanding the essential elements of a driver who practices preventive driving also helps to understand its importance. Driving the vehicle safely is essential to prevent and avoid risky situations. This type of driving has been increasingly responsible for saving lives. By avoiding dangerous situations and being prepared for them, you can anticipate actions to be taken to guarantee your safety and that of other drivers. And this is precisely the objective that this type of direction seeks to achieve.

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