Identification has become very important at all places and that is why during security check your hand or thumb impression is scanned before you are allowed to enter in the restricted areas of offices, especially if it is related to national or international security. Face recognition technology makes use of the most obvious option- that is your own face for identification. The most important aspect of this technology is that it saves lot of time of the security personals as well as the visitors as they are neither asked to put hand on the scanner nor have to stand in front of it for eye scanning.

Face recognition technology works silently taking pictures of the face of the people when they enter the restricted or defined areas. Most of the times, people are not even aware that they are being monitored and hence no delay or intrusion is caused due to this system. The ‘no surveillance’ feeling makes the most dangerous criminal relax and then can be caught when he makes an obvious mistake.

How does the technology works?

In face recognition technology, a digital video camera is used for analyzing the special characteristics of images of a person’s face. During the procedure, the complete facial structure of the face, along with nose, mouth, eyes, and jaw edges are captured. The details of measurements are then stored in the database and whenever the user comes before the camera, comparisons are made to match the identity. The technique used in this procedure is known as biometric technology and although it is currently being promoted as one of the best mediums of indicating potential threats, it is till now has been used only for verification process where it has been quite successful.

Each face has special and unique characteristics or valleys and peaks that make their identity distinguishable from others. Around 80 nodal points are present on the human face out of which some are measured with the help of this technology. The small particulars such as distance between eyes, eye socket widths, nose depths, cheekbones shapes, jaw line length etc. are measured with the help of this technology.

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